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A Small Master Bedroom

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

How can we create space without adding square footage?!

Katie and I were approached by a lovely woman who owns a local business in Charlottesville. She explained to us that she and her husband bought the house they are living in because of its walking proximity to the Downtown Mall, but they had to sacrifice space for budget to be able to land this awesome location. The main issue with their living space is the lack of usable storage space in their master bedroom (it's about 10x12)!!

“How can we create space without actually adding square footage, and still make it feel like a calming and peaceful master bedroom?”

Trust us, it's possible!

Small Spaces Tips & Tricks

There are lots of tips to make a small room feel larger. In this case, we decided to start with the color pallet. We wanted to keep it fairly neutral and then add pops of light blues to keep anything from getting too heavy, and attain the peaceful vibes the homeowners were going for.

We also knew that we wanted the paint to be the same on the walls, cabinetry, trim, and (gasp) the ceiling! We went to our local cabinet designer and picked out a lovely shade of light greige cabinet, and determined that #BenjaminMoore #ReverePewter was the closest paint match. Then, we just got designing from there, adding our accent pieces and colors to the mood board for client approval.

Adding Storage

We knew we were going to have to get creative here. The room consisted of one TINY closet and..well, that is it. So built in cabinetry was definitely the way to go!

We wanted to add creative accessories to make the cabinets most functional for the homeowners, so we included this cool pull out shoe rack, as well as these cute cubbie/nightstands. We are still tweaking the design, and will be changing the over-the-bed cabinets to open shelving for decor display, as well as adding sconces over the nightstand cubbies, but we think we're definitely on the right track! Stay tuned to see it all come together!

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